Research Request

Research Assistance Request

The Committee of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of NZ has been asked by Professor Gemmell at Otago University to source tissue samples from the ears of wild pigs, caught around the North Island. Samples will be DNA profiled and the profiles of our NZ wild pig populations will be compared with the DNA profiles overseas pig populations to see where the different types of NZ pigs may have originated from.

We need to find at least 20 specimens.

Once we have volunteers, we will be sending out special collection containers with preservative in them and prepaid, pre-addressed courier bags to return the samples to Professor Gemmell at the Otago University.

The University also asks for pictures of the animal, for better identification.

If you would like to be a volunteer, we require your name and postal address, to send the collection pack to and the likely area where you'll be hunting, so we can get a good spread of samples from around the North Island.

We're hoping to get samples from Captain Cookers, European Wildboar types and any feral Kunekune herds that might still be out there. We know there have been domestic breeds released in the bush, which will muddy the DNA of the original wild pigs, but if there are still populations of original wild breeds, we want to get samples from them.

Expressions of interest can be sent by email to

While we haven't been given a time limit for the collections, it would be appreciated if sample could be collected by the end of April. The age of the animal doesn't matter, it's the DNA sample that'll give a representative of that area's feral pig population.

We would be most grateful to any members would be agreeable to helping with this research project.

Inger Keymer
Rare Breeds Conservation Society NZ
(09)950 3075