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Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

24 March 2017

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) What pig hunters and recreational hunters need to know.

A recent outbreak of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Norway has highlighted the importance of Biosecurity measures to prevent this disease reaching New Zealand. CWD does not affect pigs and there has never been a case of CWD in New Zealand but because of the cross over between deer hunters and pig hunters you need to read this.

Inaccurate Outdoors Party post

Please be aware that a recent post made by the Outdoors Party is not factually correct in relation to comments made about the GAC support for "hunting/hunter licences".

The NZPHA has representation on the GAC and can confirm that no such position has been adopted or recommended to the relevant Minister.

A statement confirming such will likely be issued from the GAC.

Mt Cargill Update


Work has been progressing well in response to the Mount Cargill TB situation. Outlined below is a summary of key activities and next steps for managing the infection and our ongoing plans to support farmers in the area.

SPCA Press Release

SPCA New Zealand: Gisborne men used dogs to torment and kill goats

Two Gisborne men who encouraged their dogs to viciously and repeatedly attack live goats, one of which had a broken leg, were sentenced today in the Gisborne District Court

Assessing Herds of Special Interest

 The Game Animal Council is looking for Herds of Special Interest.  Under the GAC mandate it has interests in Deer, Thar, Chamois and Wild Pigs. If there is situation where wild pigs can become a HOSI then contact the Game Animal Council or the NZ Pig Hunting Association through their respective websites or discuss it with a councillor from either organisation. 

Research Request

Research Assistance Request

The Committee of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of NZ has been asked by Professor Gemmell at Otago University to source tissue samples from the ears of wild pigs, caught around the North Island. Samples will be DNA profiled and the profiles of our NZ wild pig populations will be compared with the DNA profiles overseas pig populations to see where the different types of NZ pigs may have originated from.

We need to find at least 20 specimens.

NZPHA Avian (Kiwi) Aversion

The NZPHA Committee encourage all our members and indeed all Pig Hunters and dog owners, to attend an avian (Kiwi) aversion course.

These courses are usually run by the Dept. of Conservation and your local DOC office should be able to put you in contact with the people or person in your area that runs the course.

The courses may vary slightly from one area to another, but the purpose is obviously to train dogs- in our case pig dogs to avoid Kiwi and other avian species.